Advanced Gottman Treatment Planning for Same-Sex Couples
Build Knowledge | Build Confidence | Overcome Resistant Couples

Presented by: Sam Garanzini & Alapaki Yee
Cofounders of Gay Couples Institute

My name is Sam Garanzini, and my husband, Alapaki Yee, and I have been helping therapists/coaches, since 2007, grow their practice by showing them specific step-by-step strategies to yield lasting results with their couples.

We have researched and discovered the structure, strategy, treatment plan and interventions needed to help you, and your couples, feel more successful.

We are pulling back the curtains to show you how to do just that, step by step.  Bring your cases about your couples and let’s discuss them using the lens of the Gottman Method!

We know you are working hard on your business to be an expert couples therapist.  We are with you and will work hard to help you build your skills and practice.

If you want to …

  • know what to do
  • feel confident about what you’re doing
  • adjust when they don’t do what you want
  • build your practice

If you want to get some new strategies, new treatment plans and intervention ideas for your couples, then join us on the next free online live training exclusive for you!

We just want to hang out, and help you get some clarity on getting laser focused on the problem so you know what to do with your couples (the solution).

You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to practice!

Come practice with us, starting with this live free online training.

About Sam & Alapaki

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