Activity and Exercise

There are those individuals that have the opposite problem of most people in the United States. They have a tough time gaining weight. The 40 percent of adults in the U.S. that are currently obese are hating you right about now if you are one of these said individuals. (Be prepared to have a voodoo doll made of you in the near future with pins sticking into it everywhere.)  

Your future is about to change.

Go From Bruce Banner to
The Incredible Hulk

If only it was as simple as transforming into a superhero with super strength anytime you got angry. You’d learn to be angry all the time. While bulking up will need a bit of time and won’t happen instantly, it can be accomplished with intensity in the weight room. Don’t believe in any of those ads in the fitness magazines that claim you can add 30 pounds in 30 days. I guarantee you, if you are gaining that much weight that quickly, then you may be suffering from some glandular problem that should be looked at by a doctor.

Set a Reasonable Goal...
Then Start a Diary

Before you go about getting big, take the necessary steps to properly document your journey.

The first step is to set a reasonable goal for bulking up. Make it a realistic one, like gaining 5 pounds in a month. This could be your short term goal with your long term goal being the final weight you want to achieve. During this process, record it in a fitness diary and mark down your bulking achievements every week. If it helps, you can call it a fitness journal if need be. No need for a little lock on the outside of it with a small, heart-shaped key.